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  • Regular email ‘CPN Connect’ featuring play ideas, members sharing their stories, helpful articles and resources relevant to missional intent playgroups
  • Online and in person CPN training events and networking events
  • Advertising your playgroup to families looking for a playgroup on the online playgroup locator
  • Finding a Christian Playgroup near you to make time to connect with the leader for mutual benefit and encouragement
  • Opportunities to link with other Christian playgroup leaders from a variety of churches
  • Access to resources and information on the ‘Members only’ website pages
  • Recommendations and advice in these testing times of uncertainty due to COVID-19

Membership is for an anniversary year, i.e. one year from the date you join.

The membership fee is $65.00 for 12 months: this is available for either a Professional Membership or a Church Playgroup Membership.

Professional Membership is for individuals, organisations or agencies that have an interest in Playgroup as a ministry of the “local church”.

Church Playgroup Membership is for churches that run Playgroup as part of their ministry.

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