For Churches

For Churches

Through Playgroup, many families find friendship and nurture, connect with your church, and feel that they belong.

The Christian Playgroup Network has been building communities through Playgroup for the last 20 years. Our membership is made up of churches that are running a playgroup or playtime, as well as organisations or individuals who advocate playgroups as a ministry of the local church. Seeing the diversity of Playgroups that belong to the CPN is inspiring. Small, large, facilitated by paid staff or volunteers, young mums or retired, multicultural and multilingual. They truly offer a place for people to connect, belong & grow.

Our Purpose : We exist to equip, encourage and enable healthy Playgroup ministry in local churches. Your Playgroup is a ministry of your church – it’s your group. The CPN seeks to provide support and encouragement as you think, pray and develop ways your Playgroup can be a place for families to Connect, Belong and Grow. 

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