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Mothers Day Resources

Mothers Day Resources

Mothers Day offers churches the opportunity to honour women in the church and in the local community. However, we need to be mindful that motherhood is a difficult and delicate journey, and for some, this day can bring reminders of pain, hurt, emptiness, and grief – whether for new mums, old mums, single parents, grieving families, and those without children.

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Tea Time Devotion

Tea Time Devotion

There’s something universally connecting about tea. From spicy chai in India, green tea and matcha in China and Japan, sweet rooibos of South Africa or strong black British brews, when you put on the kettle and take out the cups, it is a cross cultural signal that a...

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CPN Monthly Chat

CPN Monthly Chat

The CPN is continuing to offer opportunities through 2022 to catch up with other Playgroup leaders on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each MONTH join us this from 1-2pm

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