Connecting our Christian families at Playgroup

At Honeybears Playgroup in Kilsyth South, Victoria, key areas of our ministry with families are summed up by 4 words – Bless, Belong, Believe and Become.
We strive for everything we do as a playgroup to be adding value in one of these areas.
At our recent team meeting we identified that we could do the ‘Become’ aspect a bit better …

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VCCE playgroup resource library

The VCCE playgroup resource library is available to any church, to borrow 10 resources per year for one term’s loan duration. The resource library will equip playgroups with resources inexpensively to run sessions for playgroup teams, family affirming groups for families attending playgroups as well as resources to help with program ideas for playgroups.

The cost to churches is $35 per year or a discount price of $25 for Christian Playgroup Network members.

Please contact or 0413 180 991 for a full list of titles available from the VCCE playgroup resource library and how to join the library.

Resources available to borrow include

  • 5 Love Languages – DVD & resource kit
  • Ask Anything – DVD
  • Christianity Explored – leaders kit
  • The Parenting Children – Book, DVD and Resource kit
  • Activating God Space – Book and Resource Kit
  • Just Walk Across The Room – Book, DVD and Resource kit
  • The Beginners Bible Felt Board Series, includes Baby Jesus or Easter
  • Christmas for Kids (Christian Education Publications)
  • Various Colin Buchanan CD’s

Applications still open for Playgroup Start-up Grant

Intergen, in partnership with Gospel Resources, is offering a number of grants to help plant new Christian playgroups in areas with significant social need. The grant supports the establishment of general play-­‐based inclusive playgroups, which supports families through nurturing community among parents, grandparents, carers and the children they accompany in the group. The grant is not to assist in running program-based groups (e.g. mini maestros, music together, mainly music). The grant is open to churches of all denominations.
The grant provides

  • $500 to spend on equipment
  • 1 year free membership of the Christian Playgroup Network (including access to startup resources, coaching and advice)
  • 1 year free leadership development and training though participation in a ‘Join the Dots’ peer mentoring group connecting your leaders with others exercising a similar ministry for networking, training and resourcing
  • Partnership with an established playgroup ministry in another church in your denomination for encouragement, resource sharing, wisdom and prayer

Full details and application form here: VCCE Gospel Resource Playgroup Planting Grant

Helpful resources

Tips when preparing playgroup activities – coming up with ideas for your playgroup session that are both fun and stimulating for the children can be a challenge. Here are some tips to consider to make it fun for the children and create space for parents to connect with each other. Busy children make for relaxed parents!

Welcoming families   Making your families feel welcome at playgroup is an important part of them feeling like they belong . Here are some ideas to help make that happen not just at the start of the year but all the year through.

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