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2021 CPN Annual Report

Catch up with the news & reports of the last 12 months here   2021 CPN Annual Report

Sweet Sundae Devotion

Feel free to use this with your team as an encouragement to lean in on our God’s goodness. CPN Sweet Sundae Devotion – September 2021

Stories of Childhood May 2021

We connected, explored nurturing faith, molded playdoh and listened to God’s word. Here are some links and summaries of the Stories of Childhood 2021 event for you to use in your context.

Winter Nurture August 2021

Over 35 churches joined us from their own homes which was fantastic! The session was full of heart warming connection and encouragement, like a warm hug for the soul. Here are some links and summaries of the Winter Nurture event for you to use in your context. Winter Nurture August 2021 – Christian Playgroup Network (

Getting to know you ….

Ruth is currently the CPN President … find out more about Ruth here Meet the Team – Ruth

Hollie is currently the CPN Vice President … find out more about Hollie here Meet the Team – Hollie

Alyson is currently the CPN Secretary … find out more about Alyson here Meet the Team – Alyson

Merryn is currently the CPN Membership Administrator … find out more about Merryn here Meet the Team – Merryn Gray

COVID-19 updates and information for playgroups

Getting back to Playgroup This page has ideas and resources to help you as you get back to playgroup face to face, as well as ideas from around the churches to stay connected with your families when you are unable to meet in person.


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