Responding to COVID-19

What are we doing to do keep building community amongst, and serving well, children and families in our playgroups in the current environment? This resource from Christian Community Churches (CCCVaT) offers a framework to make thoughtful decisions at the local church level.

Maintain the routine

These ideas been made available by Baptist Children & Families Ministries NSW & ACT

  • Divide the contacts amongst the playgroup team and everyone call people from the group at the usual playgroup time slot.
  • Provide a 10 minute online video meeting with a short story or nursery rhyme to say hi to everyone.
  • Playgroup in your letterbox delivered on the day of playgroup – Molong Baptist have found this a great way to support families; the playgroup content is just the tool for greater conversation and checking in with people or delivering supplies they need so they don’t have to leave home with young children.

Some ideas to stay connected and show care

Celebrate birthdays – check your birthday list and send birthday cards to children and adults. How special it is to get a card in the post! Make a video call (e.g. Facetime or Whats App) and sing Happy Birthday.

Commit to phoning families regularly and often (weekly?) to share news, check how they are going and determine if they need more follow up or specific care.

Set up a Whats App group for playgroup families (with permission to share contact details) to share news and stay connected.

A video from Jo Hood of Mainly Music – for parents and children to join in with at home.

Playgroup Victoria is sharing play ideas to do at home.

Connect with a friendly CPN team member through our Contact Us page.

Come back soon to see regular updates with more resources for doing playgroup while we look after each other during COVID -19.

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