2019 Celebration dinner and AGM

A great evening of celebrating playgroups, meeting old and new friends, sharing ideas and experiences of the highs and lows of playgroup ministry, and a delicious meal provided by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre … some photos of our award recipients:

Papers for the AGM:

2018 AGM Minutes

2019 AGM Agenda

2019 AGM Committee Report

2019 AGM Finance Report

Recruiting Team

The recruitment of team members is a common struggle for Playgroup Ministry Leaders. Here are some ideas to think about Recruiting team members

Teddy Bears Picnic

Whether you do it at a playgroup session or meet at a local park, a ‘teddy bears picnic’ is always fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Let your imagination run wild: Teddy Bears Picnic

Accessible prayer activities

Here are three creative prayer activities that you can place in your playgroup space for people who are perhaps unfamiliar with the concept of prayer to engage with in their own way. These can also be a helpful tool for your playgroup team’s prayer ministry.

Playgroup that connects

Tips when preparing playgroup activities – coming up with ideas for your playgroup session that are both fun and stimulating for the children can be a challenge. Here are some tips to consider to make it fun for the children and create space for parents to connect with each other. Busy children make for relaxed parents!

Welcoming families   Making your families feel welcome at playgroup is an important part of them feeling like they belong . Here are some ideas to help make that happen not just at the start of the year but all the year through.

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