Celebrating Christmas

Christmas Colours An example of how Christmas tree decorations have been used to illustrate the gospel narrative in a playgroup end-of-year celebration

Christmas craft – poems Includes paper chain countdown to Christmas

Learning about Christmas through play Play ideas from Kaye Plowman

Mat time ideas at Christmas This resource includes recommendations for tried and tested Christmas story books suitable for reading aloud at playgroup, plus other creative ways to tell the story of Christmas

Christmas activity & craft ideas

More Christmas activities 

The Manger Scene Template See ‘More Christmas Activities’ for a suggested collage activity

The Christmas Story From Yvette Wynne, her story of creating a personalised Christmas picture story book (includes sample pages and script)

Around the churches at Christmas  

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Just Playgroup?

Given the deep-seated commitment of many playgroups to living justly in our neighbourhoods, Stacey Wilson, Intergen Staffer, suggests ways for groups to embody God’s call to justice: Just Playgroup?

Member’s Guide

The 2019 CPN Member’s Guide includes

  • the CPN purpose and vision statements and also a brief description of our history
  • some of the ways you are resourced and supported through your annual membership
  • an updated list of the CPN team so you can contact us anytime
  • some thoughts and ideas to help you think about how your playgroup can be intentional in being a place where your playgroup families have connected with your church and where they feel they belong; and where families can grow into an even deeper sense of belonging—to the playgroup, the church and to God. Why not work through these ideas with your team over the next year?

PlayMap is an user-friendly online tool from Playgroup Victoria for planning playgroup sessions that reflect the five learning outcomes of the National Early Years Learning Framework to promote children’s learning and development at playgroup. Choose from a range of activities to suit the ages and interest of the children in your playgroup, create and save session plans, and print off a list of activities.