Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

What happens at a playgroup session?

Playgroup is a group experience where preschool aged children and their carers meet together for mutual enrichment to play, to learn, to make friends and to have fun together. Every playgroup is different because it reflects the individuality of its group members. There are many ways to organise your playgroup session. Most playgroups include during each session plenty of time for free play for children to enjoy a range of activities, plenty of time for connection & conversations with carers, a group morning tea time for the kids ( kids bring their own snacks) , morning tea is available for carers, and to finish the session a short mat time that may include a favourite song or story, as well as a Goodbye song.   

How much does Playgroup cost ?

Each playgroup operates independently with a group of dedicated volunteers bringing fun and care for your family. Most sessions are around the cost of ONE Happy Meal for a family. Some playgroups charge per week, others charge per Term. 

The cost of running a playgroup varies from Playgroup to Playgroup but may include costs such as equipment, consumables ( ie paints, crafts, morning tea supplies, etc), memberships with state Playgroup Associations & the CPN, in some cases rent and in some cases wages for a Leader or Facilitator. 


How long are Playgroup sessions?

Most sessions run for 11/2  to 2 hours each week of the school Term. They are usually run in the morning as that often the best time for young families. 

Why should I join the Christian Playgroup Network ?

Joining the CPN provides you with opportunities to link with other Christian Playgroup leaders from a variety of churches either in person and/or online; reduced rates or FREE CPN training events; access to resources, templates and information through the Members Only section of the website; regular e-newsletters featuring play ideas, members sharing their stories, helpful articles and resources relevant to missional playgroup and MORE .  

Your playgroup is your group – we provide resources, encouragement and support along the journey.

I can see on the Playgroup Locator that there is a CPN member Playgroup near me. Can I make contact with the leader to visit the group or to catch up?

Sure ! The leaders contact details are listed under the church’s entry on the Playgroup Locator. Most of our members find meeting up with other Christian Playgroup leaders one of the most helpful things to do for mutual encouragement and support. 

Can find an answer to your questions?

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