‘Connect…Belong…Grow’ Resources – for you & your team

Connecting with other CPN playgroups near you

Visiting other playgroups near you provides a great opportunity to share, connect and be encouraged by others in your area who are also involved in ministry through Playgroups in the local church context. Check out the Playgroup locator https://cpn.org.au/playgroup-locator/ to find a CPN playgroup near you!

As we consider the ministry of Playgroup, we are “walking the journey” with the families who attend … the parenting journey, their own personal journey (children and adults) and their faith journey.

The focus of the Christian Playgroup Network, Connect…Belong…Grow  also expresses a journey. We want to support playgroups as they journey with their families, first connecting, developing a sense of belonging and growing in their lives, their parenting and their understanding of God, and ultimately a relationship with Jesus.

Below are more resources to equip you and your team.

Equipping your team

From the Baptist Children and Families Team in NSW & ACT, training videos , a workbook, a workshop and more to equip your team to share Jesus with families.  https://baptistcfm.org.au/evangelism-for-playtimes/

What does a Christian playgroup look like A useful discussion-starter for reflecting on some core values for playgroup ministry

Playgroup – no use by date … what makes playgroup distinctive as mission, a ministry of service to families and a community that bears witness to the kingdom values of Jesus.

Playgroups can be missional  This is a one page article to use with your Playgroup team or to show your minister, listing principles of a missional Playgroup.

5 I’s of Intentional Playgroups Intentional Christian Playgroups do not just happen. They are usually the result of someone’s forethought, planning, hard work, prayer and staying power. Read more here.

Connect, Belong, Grow Here are some thoughts and ideas as to how your Playgroup can be intentional in being a place where your playgroup families have connected with your church and where they feel they belong; and where families can grow into an even deeper sense of belonging—to the church and to God.

Welcoming families Making your families feel welcome at playgroup is an important part of them feeling like they belong . Here are some ideas to help make that happen not just at the start of the year but all the year through.

Time to talk Some questions and ideas about missional playgroup to talk over with your team

Building skills for a missional playgroup Thoughts from Beth Barnett on being human, connecting to God, connecting to others

Playgroup and belonging Beth Barnett probes the meaning of ‘belonging’

Playgroup that connects Thinking about how your playgroup can be intentional in being a place where your playgroup families have the space to connect… with each other, with your church and with Jesus.

Building Emotional Health and Wellbeing

This practical resource combines insights from both theology and psychology in a very readable form. Topics succinctly covered now include Autism, Disability, Deafness, Transgender, Schizophrenia, Grief and Loss, Care for the Carer, The Importance of Children, Understanding Mental Health Issues, Understanding Healthy Development, Trauma and Transition Issues for Children and The Church Responding to Community Disaster. Building Emotional Health and Wellbeing: A Pastoral Handbook for Ministry with Children and their Families (2nd edition) is available as a FREE pdf download 

Starting a playgroup or revisiting the purpose of your playgroup

Ten Steps to starting a playgroup  You may be thinking of starting a playgroup at your church or wanting to revisit your purpose of running a playgroup. These 10 steps will keep you focussed on the end goal.