Membership is for an anniversary year ( ie one year from the date you join) and costs $65.00 per year.

When your membership is due for renewal you will receive an email with payment options.

Membership is available for either

  • a Professional ie individuals, organisations or agencies that have an interest in playgroup as a  ministry of the ‘local church’   OR
  • a church playgroup ie a church that runs Playgroup as part of their ministry.

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There are 3 simple ways to join the CPN for the first time or renew your membership :
1. ONLINE at by using a PayPal account or credit card. These are our preferred methods.
2. POST by contacting and requesting an invoice to be emailed to you
3. EFT  by contacting  and requesting an invoice to be emailed to you

Renew your membership or join the CPN today by clicking on the ‘Sign up’ button below to make your online payment, or contact to request an invoice.

Thank you for your partnership and your support of the Christian Playgroup Network through your membership.

Any questions about this process ? Contact us at